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We are an artisan video production company that turns your visions into reality.We are a one-stop-shop when it comes to video production, from concept design to final delivery, we know how to do it all. Whether you are looking to build brand awareness, explain an idea, sell a product or service, or internal communication we want to work with you to find the most effective method to engage with your viewers. Its versatility can be used in all aspects of your organisation from branding, profiling videos through to culture development and training.

We're Creative

Our team are some of the best in the industry and are committed to turning your visions into reality. Every story starts with an idea. By integrating a unique blend of new technology, creative flair, careful management and an easy-going, fun atmosphere, we help your brand grow by crafting inspiring and engaging content fit for any digital platform.

We're Affordable

Gone are the days you need to mortgage your house to afford broadcast quality video.We believe that video is now a necessity for every business moving into the modern digital world, and without it, sadly you will get left behind. Our unique approach allows us to deliver high volumes of content at prices affordable for any business.

We're professional

Our teams are full, diverse and very experienced. staffed with directors, producers, production services, writers, graphic designers, creative directors, actors, post-production crews, editors, developers – we have them all. Their experience is rich. Their awards are enviable. Their ideas are off the charts. Their portfolios are filled with work you’ve admired. They stand ready to strategize, write, ideate, create, shoot, produce, edit, and deliver.

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What can OnVideo Media do for you

Here at OnVideo Media, we understand that creating video content can seem intimidating at times, so our highly skilled team of experts will assist and guide you through the entire process from concept design to delivery. We pay attention. To your business, your goals, your audience, your budget and offer a unique opportunity to benefit from over 5 decades worth of experience. OnVideo Media is the ultimate source of high-quality video to elevate your brand through new avenues of audience engagement. So why is video production so important you may ask?

Video is the best medium to tell your story. Using video to ‘tell your story’ helps to break down even the most complex information and delivers your message in a captivating and memorable way. Without the right planning, the story can be lackluster, that’s why our team is here to get things right from the word ‘go’.
Video marketing is most powerful when you use the content to trigger emotions. Emotions will then enhance retention, help people to digest information and build trust, credibility and drive results. We will help you to build instant, true and authentic interaction with your audience.
Quality, targeted video will put you ‘head and shoulders’ above the crowd. It is not only about marketing but it is a facet of online training, reporting internal announcements, live streaming and much more. Context is absolutely key. In a world with so much visual information, standing out from your competitors through professional production always provides you with the competitive edge.
There’s no denying that today’s consumers are visual people, so the trick is developing captivating branded content that builds trust, credibility and drives results. You are the expert on your brand and with our help, we can elevate brand experiences and convey the concept of your brand to potential customers.
The best thing about video, it is one of the most versatile and profitable digital tools out there. It can be implemented into any aspect of your organisation, whether you are using video for marketing, training, internal or external communication or simply capturing an event.

Our Services

Concept Design

It doesn’t matter if it is a TV commercial, educating staff, delivering a workshop or simply strengthening your brand, we continuously fuel creative drive by infusing your original ideas to create inspirational, educational and engaging content suitable for any digital platform.


This is where the magic begins…... turning your concept into reality. No job is too big or too small. From single specialist cameras to multi cam production setups, drones to large sensor cameras and timelapse, we do it all. Quintessential planning and communication ensures everyone involved knows exactly what to expect on filming day.

Post production

Although our premium offering is end to end, we also offer just post-production services. This can be anything from editing, colour correction, digital effects, titles, music composition or mixing.

Live events/ streaming

If your business has a strong social media presence, you have the capability to build stronger relationships with your audience. Live streaming is a great way to capture the life of your special event, interact with your audience or launch a new product or policy.

Animation/ motion graphics

From titles and graphics to stylized animation, our artists develop aesthetic solutions by crafting distinct visuals that tap into every emotion. Animation is a great way to explain complex systems, products or processes.

Our Process


    Understanding your objectives is paramount to the process. Making video content can seem intimidating but our friendly, professional team will collaborate with you to clearly define your objectives and how we can meet those using a video strategy.

    Once we have planned your strategy, it's onto the scripting stage. From there we will hand pick your team of talent based on your brief, your budget, and how your video content will best serve you.


    The film team will be briefed on the script booked in and ready to go. On the day they will work closely with, direct you and your team to get any footage that is needed.


    All footage will be sent through to the editor to work his magic. This is when all graphics, voiceover, music, motion graphics will be added.

    On approval of your final video, our experts will guide you to ensure your video is used to its maximum potential and ensure all your outlined objectives are successfully met.

Our Team

Stehen Press
Head of Production
Multi award winning Cinematographer who believes that you should not only get great video but have fun doing it
Leonardo Guerchmann
Wellington based creative & technical professional. My professional experience ranges from Broadcast TV, Feature Film, TV Commercials, promotions, short and long form documentary films. Passionate about storytelling and producing high quality videos that would best tell your story.
Amy Hooper
Sales Manager
Treat others how you want to be treated”. That’s Amy’s guiding mantra in life and which is why delivering top notch service is the ethos behind her success to date. Very much a visual person, developing visually impactful and engaging video strategies is what she does best!
Anna Ramm
Passionate about helping businesses succeed Anna Ramm CEO will help you tell your stories through engaging video and targeted messaging. Her creative eye for detail and ability to bring things together makes her the driving force behind OnVideo Media

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